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Top wedding cake makers in Berkshire

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Wedding cakes may seem like that part of the wedding that requires the least amount of focus. While the dress, the shoes, the bridesmaids, the venues and all the above may seem like the main focus, a beautiful cake may be just the thing you need to confirm and calm all your fears and nerves. A wedding cake can be the symbol of yourself. It can be something simple and elegant or extravagant and stylish. It can either be a centre piece to your final dance or it can be an extension of the bride and groom. There are so many different options and so many different decisions to be made about the cake. The flavours, the type of style. Here are several cake companies that really are outstanding bakers. Not just cake makers but story tellers.

  1. Fondant Dreams by Jamie

If you're looking for rustic, stylistically applied wedding cakes, then Fondant dreams is the bakery for you. Whether it be 2 tier, 3 tier or 4 tier, their application of icing is an art. Incredibly wonderful, rustic style wedding cakes that offer your guests the chance to see your naturalistic style. Perfect for those who prefer a barn, outdoor style wedding that pulls away from the traditional and enters the personal.

2.The Handmade Cake Company

For all of those who can't consume dairy or for those who have made the massive life choice to become vegan, The Handmade Cake Company is the closest a vegan consumer will come to be able to taste a delightful piece of cake without all the addons. Able to create some wonderful creations with such limited ingredients, they'll have all your guests on the waiting list to becoming vegan connoisseurs.

3.Verity Rose Cakes

If you're looking for traditional, almost royal style wedding cakes that communicate a real sense of grandeur and luxury, then look no further. Verity Rose Cakes offers you beautiful couples something that really wows your guests. wonderfully baked, expertly applied royal icing with a touch of personality. Their baked goods are beautifully designed with you in mind, applying your every need at the touch of a spatula.

4.The Maplewood Bakery

Beautiful, elegant and offering the same rustic style that appears ever so popular amongst beautiful brides and handsome grooms. The Maplewood Bakery bring a sense of "Je ne sais quoi" to their cakes. Their wonderful floral elements and personalisations to their bakes turn your dream cake into a reality.


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