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Your Story

Having something physical to display in your home and regularly see as you go about your day could be a wonderful addition to your moving memories. Take a look below at the ways we look to deliver your films and, on inquiry, let us know which you've chosen  


Delivering both the full film and highlights to your email is always offered.

Berkshire wedding film 

Story Book

The best place to keep your beautiful day

Our bespoke storybooks are a beautiful way to keep your film ever present in your day to day lives. It offers your moving memory a wonderful luxury home to really show off to your friends and family.


 This option means you'll have your highlights film placed on this wonderful book,beautifully finished in white. 

Inquire over the phone or within the contact form and we will be able to order this for your special day.




Berkshire wedding film

Personalized USB 


  Keep your love in the palm of your hand    



Our Personalized USB's are offered with our Platinum package for free. Those with Gold are able to buy the USB separately .They are made of beautiful oak and are engraved with both of your names. With the USB we offer to place your Full feature film and highlights onto the USB giving you the ability to watch this either at home or on the go.  


This is especially offered to those beautiful brides and grooms who work abroad regularly, meaning you're able to keep your loved one with you at all times.



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