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Why being a Wedding videographer is so important.

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

While many people who tie the knot are solely focused on everything that could or couldn't go wrong, it is our job to make sure everything we do is to the betterment of the bride. While the groom may have an input, and rightly so, the brides opinion matters massively . When it comes to filming certain angles, certain positions or certain individuals, it is the brides choice that really makes or breaks a video shoot.

We work tirelessly at weddings to capture the essence of the couple while maintaining a high level of consciousness about how we can best capture, in an artistic format, the bride, the groom, the aunty and uncle, the parents, the cousins and every individual you may only get to see once in a blue moon.

It is pivotal that, throughout the day, whether we begin filming at sunrise or end the day in the dark, we capture everything in its most natural position, offering a real sense of being there. With a number of separate cameras, from DSLR and Mirrorless, to drones and 360 cameras, we aim to capture your day in your vision. Our job is to make sure everything you envision your memory to be ,from the moment you exchange rings, to the day you just want to relive your beautiful day 30 years from then. Our job is to encompass that memory and offer you happiness and solace in times of struggle and hardship. To offer a figment of your imagination in physical form, allowing you to sit in your home at the age of 60, play your wedding film, and relive that first dance, relive that first kiss as newly weds or just prove who was there and if aunty Gertrude really did attend or if she left early to play the bingo.

It may seem like a tough job with a lot of expectations, but, without those expectations, we would have no goal, no ambition, no target to aim for when painting a moving image of YOUR special day.


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