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Top Berkshire wedding photographers

Updated: Jan 24

The time is here for you stunning, wonderful day. The nerves, the pressure, everything may seem too much, however it all washes over you the minute you exchange your rings and kiss your newly wed partner. Here are some of the most beautiful images captured by some of the most talented photographers in the area

1. Selen Photography

One of the best, most astute photographers in the surrounding areas. Her ability to capture the natural while still adding an artistic flare to every shot is second to none. Whether it be the beautiful sunsets to encapsulate your love for one and other or her fantastic framing, every photo tells a story. Definitely one to consider if you're looking for a phenomenal, well-informed, naturalistic photographer who knows what to capture and how to capture it.

2.RP Photography by design

Another fantastic photography company. Specializing in specifically designed photography, every decision, every image, every single frame captured in incredibly personalized. Your relationship and future marriage is reflected in every shot. Whether you're both driven and incredibly professional individuals or the easy going love birds who just enjoy seeing what life throws at you, RP photography can communicate every aspect of that through their works.

3.Lauren Mitchel photography

Fantastic at producing warmth in her photos, she is the perfect candidate when it comes to painting your relationship and subsequent marriage as incredibly loving, incredibly close, oozing warmth between you both. The large majority of her works are placed in incredibly rustic locations. Natural nature type settings which demonstrate how grounded and down to earth the both of you are.

4.Mark Seymour photography

Another photographer we absolutely adore. His framing of shots is second to none, capable of capturing some incredible pieces of photography. The colourations of his shots throughout the post production process are so well applied, he can make any weather, any setting look incredibly appealing. His style compliments every couple and every location, from towering cathedrals to wonderful outdoor settings.


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