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Top Wedding dress designers in Berkshire

Updated: Jan 24

Whether you want to look and feel like a Disney Princess or would love nothing more than to wear a wonderfully natural piece, here are our top wedding dress makers and designers in Berkshire that we really think you should be considering to make your dreams come true.

  1. Sophie Grace Bridal

One of the top wedding dress designers in both the area and the country. Their designs are so elegant, so beautiful that you'll feel like the bell of the ball. With a beautiful mixture of lace corsets and gorgeous trims, Sophie Grace Bridal really knows and understands how to best capture your style, your personality in every piece she creates.

2.Windsor & Eaton Brides

Windsor and Eaton Brides dominate the wedding dress industry in this part of Berkshire. Their expert designers coupled with their unique and intricate eyes for detail really offer you one of the best services when trying to choose through the endless designs and looks to go for that best offer you the chance to demonstrate your beauty and personality.

3.Cherished Bridal Boutique

With customer service, second to none, and their ability to take care of you in store, offers you the ability to find that perfect dress in comfort and relaxation. We all know how frustrating it can be to find that perfect design and at Cherished Bridal Boutique, they really do take care of both your needs as a bride to be and your needs as a person while choosing your perfect outfit.


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