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Top wedding venues in Windsor

Windsor, one of the most historic places in Britain. It's royal heritage coupled with its wonderful scenery really makes Windsor a wonderful place to get married. There is an absolute plethora of venues to choose from all over Windsor and piking a few was tough, however, we were able to assemble several of our favorites, from venues we have personally filmed at, to ones that we absolute adore.

  1. De Vere Beaumont Estate

De Vere is a gorgeous, 18th-century Georgian white house, with Romanesque style 19th-century Chapel and 40 acres of parkland. It's beautiful beams and wonderful pillars make De Vere one of the most "Pride and prejudice" type venues around. When pulling up to the venue, you are met with wonderful grasslands, expanding all around the entire venue, offering a wonderful natural feel to an otherwise grand setting. Inside, it's wide, open corridors and 18th-century high beams really make this one of our favorites

They are on Hitched and other wedding directories making booking extremely simple. Even if it's slightly out of reach budget wise, have a look anyway. It's a wonderful day out and a history lovers dream.

2. The Castle Hotel, Windsor

Just your everyday castle, the one we all live in, with it's sense of royalty pushing your day to the max. Now, looking around Britain, most castles are beginning to be tested by the sands of time and it's becoming increasingly difficult for wealthy individuals to invest large swaths of finance into keeping them alive. The Castle Hotel is not one of those medieval relics, left to decay. It's a wonderful, beautifully restored castle, reflecting it's original beauty when built. castles are often misunderstood relics of times, boasting historic wealth over beautiful, ground breaking architecture.

As a history lover, this would be on my list of venues. If you've always dreamed of being that princess you've envisioned since you were a young child, then this is the wedding venue for you. It's grand entrance, through large gates, opening up to a wondrous display is history. Inside, you are greeted with a sense of belonging. True British brick work, boasting the painstaking time it took those building the castle to create. A sense of beauty lays before you as you walk through the entrance and realize you are standing in the same spot as the great kings and Queens of this country.

3. The Coach House Barn at Dorney Court

A wonderful venue that gives you something different. The past two venues boast a sense of grandeur, sitting inside of nature, however, if that is not your thing, we are sure this one is. Rustic wedding venues have been on the rise over the past 20 years.

Still boasting some wonderful historical value, The Coach House Barn is a wonderful, Tudor era, grade one listed building that boasts some wonderful, beautiful red stones brick work, coupled with seamless large, open windows, large ceilings and gorgeous wood work. Inside, you are greeted by a wonderful warm feeling of upper class comfort. This is a classic Tudor style venue, boasting large greenery and wonderful woodlands. Definitely the kind of venue for someone wanting something large with a sense of history, in keeping with your rustic, natural and overall calm demeanor's.

That is our top 3 however there is more.

Wedding venues in Windsor, Wedding video Windsor
Wedding Venue Windsor

Some honorable mentions are linked below. Everything linked below is a wedding venue we utterly adore or one that we believe is worth your time, both offering value for your investment and giving your guests the best time.

Ascot Racecourse

Cumberland Lodge

The Windsor Guildhall

The Boat Hire Company


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