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Best wedding jewelers in Berkshire

Wedding Jewelry is often a smaller part of the big day, however, it's a very understated part of it. Now, us girls understand that Jewelry often promotes the outfit you want to wear. It's a part of your outfit that often blends in with the entirety of what we wear, however, it goes a long way at advertising the parts of our bodies that people don't often notice instinctively but notice subliminally. Wearing a bracelet or ring often accentuates our manicured nails or soft hands. Wearing earrings often promotes our facial features.

This is why jewelry might be of massive importance for you on your day, especially for your photographer and videographer. Often times, creative people are able to spot those important shots however, having the right jewelry may help them spot the side of your face you favor the most or the type of shots you want them to get. That is why, below, I have a list of our 3 favorite Jewelers in Berkshire, able to help promote the favorite parts of yourself.

  1. Robert Gatward Jewelers

An expert at fine jewelry, Robert Gatward Jewelers have exceptional taste when it comes

to fine pieces. From Beautifully cut Diamonds, Gem stones and a wonderful array of Earrings , wedding rings and engagement rings, Robert Gatward Jewelers offers you the best and do their utmost due diligence when giving you what you desire.

2. Jacobs the jeweler

Based in Reading and operating since 1948, Jacobs has been a master at crafting jewelry for a near 80 years. Their expertise, coupled with their invaluable knowledge, offers you an opportunity to buy something expertly chosen, matching your style and promoting your personality and wedding dress for the day. Whether it's the beautifully cut ring or some wonderful earrings, Jacobs is a company you can trust to offer you the best for your day.

3. Pravins

Pravins offers you an experience, not just a service. When you enter Pravins to decide what Jewelry you want for your big day, everything is fine tuned to match your desires. During an appointment, you are served with some fine wines and some expert advice to go through what you'd like to look at. Being in business for 50 years means you're getting the best of the best when it comes to both service and options. From rings with pure diamond to beautiful Gem stones, They offer everything and anything you need to accentuate your beautiful dress or fine dinning suit.

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