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Top wedding cake designers in Windsor

Another important part of your day is the wedding cake. Often times, couples will either buy a cake and have it designed or they will have their friend/friends create it. Both are always beautiful. One is made with your designs and the other is made as a gesture by those that you love. If possible, we always recommend having your loved ones make you something as this is always a really beautiful way for them to be involved in your day, however, if that's not something you like or you would prefer your friends and family just relax and attend your day, here are some of our favorite bakers in the area.

  1. Fondant Dreams by Jamie

Fondant dreams offers you some exceptional, beautifully crafted wedding cakes with some beautiful sugar work and some amazing fondant designs. They boast both rustic and elegant wedding cake designs and do an exceptional job at crafting something that fits your desires. Not only do they specialize in Wedding cakes, but they also specialize in wedding cupcakes so, if you would rather have something you're able to give to every guest as a thank you rather than a big enter piece , Fondant dreams offers you that.

2. Piece of cake by Claire

Another wonderful local business that demonstrates a keen skill in fondant work and an exceptional skill in food art. Piece of cake by Claire offers a wide variety of designs that will best suit individuals that would rather "leave it to the baker" to decide what your center piece will look like. You tell them what it is you like, how you see yourselves as individuals, what colors you prefer, fillings best suit your tastes and they will do the rest.

3. Sugar and Chic

If you love rustic, natural designs and are nature lovers, then Sugar and Chic are the perfect bakers for you. Started by Eva, they offer some gorgeous 3/4 tiered designs, all boasting some wonderful contrasting colors. Looking at her work, you're really able to see how she utilizes white fondant as a foundation for demonstrating her bright flair, really creating some beautiful pieces. The white really offers itself to allow the colored flower petal designs to stand out. Definitely an exceptional baker and a company you can trust when choosing your wedding cake designs.

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