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Top wedding venues in Buckinghamshire

Updated: Jan 24

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Filming weddings in Berkshire or Buckinghamshire means that every film you get will always be incredibly beautiful. Both areas have some wonderful scenery and offer you beautiful couples the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and offer you a fairy tale wedding. The clean, crisp air, wonderful surrounding fields, free-flowing rivers and open spaces means that your day will feel light, easy and, given the sheer magnitude of the day, incredibly relaxing.

Having filmed weddings for the past 9 years means I have seen some incredible venues, ranging from grand medieval castles that once held barbaric battles, steeped in incredible history or wonderful oak barns that used to offer refuge to animals and farmers alike before it was converted into your beautiful venue.

The thing is, what ever you have chosen, where ever you get married, it always dawns on me that, no matter the venue, you're both there for each other. After years of being with one and other, working through the trials and tribulations of life, you have both decided that the person you are next to is the best person you could have found to tackle those hurdles and someone you look at as being incredibly special to your life. The venue is either a reflection of you both or merely a space that allows you to finally progress your relationship to the next level. Either way, below are a number of gorgeous venues in Buckinghamshire that either reflect your calm, rustic approach to life of your grand view of how life is.

  1. Notley Abbey

Notley Abbey was an Augustinian abbey founded in the 12th century near Long crendon. A team from Oxford excavated Notley Abbey in 1937, establishing a layout and timeline of the building's construction. The building has been visited by notable figures such as Henry 5th and was owned by the celebrities Laurence Oliver and Vivien Leigh.

A beautiful, gorgeous venue that is both steeped in history and offers a sublime sense of grandeur throughout. If you're both a fan of historical buildings, wonderful, open spaces and beautiful stone work, then this is the venue for you both.

2. Notley Tythe Barn

Notley Tythe Barn dates back to the 12th century and is nestled in the acres of Notley farm belonging to the Reynolds family for 350 years. Another wonderful slice of history to have your beautiful wedding and another incredible venue that really offers the wedding film some incredible scenery.

3. Chicheley Hall

An ancient manor house on the site belonged to the Pagnell family of Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. The house then descended in the Chester family to the time of the English Civil War The present Chicheley Hall was built in the early 1700s on the same site. All that remains of the old manor house is one Jacobean over-mantel with termini caryatids, and some paneling in the new Chicheley Hall.

4.Whittlebury park

The land was originally used as a jousting ground for the Kings and Queens of England from 1152. It also featured a royal palace that King Henry 2nd used. Trees in the park are called Black Oaks and these are the hardest oaks in the UK. Many were used to build The Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar.

5. Woodburn Safari park

Woburn Safari Park was opened in 1970, established by the 13th Duke of Bedford and Jimmy Chipperfield on the grounds of his estate, Woburn Abbey. This was done as a means to help improve the financial position of the estate and restore the Abbey, which had fallen into disrepair as a consequence of the second world war and relatively high post-war tax rates. The 11th Duke of Bedford had been president of the Zoological Society of London and had introduced various species such as American bison, deer, antelope, lion and tiger to the park.


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