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Top wedding venues in Maidenhead

Updated: Jan 24

We all struggle to organize our wonderful wedding day. From the Wedding flowers to the Wedding dress. The food for the guests to the type of drinks to be serves. Well, look no further, as we look to help you by removing one thing. "What are the best wedding venues in Maidenhead" I hear you say ? Well, below we list the best venues to the loveliest ideas for your big day.

  1. Windsor & Maidenhead Boat Co

From one end of the spectrum, why not have your ceremony on the wonderful, calm waters of the Thames river. Offer your guests the opportunity to see the wonderful area, beautiful scenery and gorgeous wildlife, all while being wined and dined on a beautiful, white long boat.

2. The Olde Bell

How about a wonderful, mid-century cottage with gorgeous natural grounds. The Olde Bell offers everything you would ever want when it comes to designing a wonderfully British style wedding. With high beams, Large rooms, beautiful gardens and plenty of room inside and outside for that final dance at the end of the night, The Olde Bell really will give you the Disney style you've been looking for.

3. Riverside Marquee

Something for those wonderful summer weddings. Why not choose the Riverside Marquee. A wonderful, memorable addition to your gorgeous, warm wedding. Offering everything you need for the day. Riverside Marquee are sure to blow you and your guests away and give you a wedding surrounded by nature.


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